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Lead Staff

Dorothy Goodman
Wholesale Manager / Sister

Krista Bowman
Retail Manager / Sister

Doug and Jenny Bowman
Red Rocker Inn Owners

Kaylea Lamson
Red Rocker Executive Chef / Sister


New Bakery in Black Mountain

Four Sisters Bakery is happy to be part of the wonderful community in Black Mountain, and provide home baked goods to our neighbors and those visiting our wonderful town.  Our connection to the Red Rocker Inn guarantees the  quality that you have come to expect over the years.  

When you come in to the Four Sister Bakery, you might expect everyone working there to be sisters, and sometimes we might be, but the name actually comes from the fact that when the name was being debated, we discovered that we both come from families with four sisters.  Krista is very sorry that her brother, Andrew, was left out.  



Recent Press

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